If a signatory claims not to have received the e-mail, go through the following steps:

  • Check the spam folder;

  • Wait for one hour. Some mail clients or servers do not download the email straight away;

  • Check the transaction details in the portal. Is the e-mail address spelled correctly? Does the status say ‘Waiting for signer’? What happens if you try to send an e-mail to the address yourself?;

  • If there are multiple signatories: check whether the invitation is to be sent ‘in order’. Is it still waiting for a signature from one of the other signatories? To find out, check the transaction details in the portal;

  • Ask the signatories to search for the document title in the mailbox. The title can be found in the portal transaction details as well. Searching for subject line can work too. See our email formats here;

  • Take a screenshot of the transaction details page and send it to us in the chat. We will investigate what is wrong, and what the status of the email is.

We use an internationally accepted e-mail service. The cause of any missing e-mails virtually never lies with our system. For this reason, please go through the above steps first before contacting us!

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