After you have signed the document you will receive two emails in your mailbox.

Mail 1 The transaction receipt

In this email you can download the transaction receipt. This document is the transaction receipt, showing all transaction details. You should keep this together with your signed document as proof.

Mail 2 The signed document

In this mail you can download the digitally signed document.


- At the bottom of both emails you will find the date until which you can download the documents. After the end date, the documents will be removed from our services.

- The document contains a stamp to protect it against adjustments and to guarantee the authenticity. Therefore, no changes can be made to the document after it has been signed.

- It may be that the document is sent to several signatories. Only when all signatories from your transaction have successfully signed, the final signed document be generated.

- Did you not receive an email? Then contact the organization that asked you to sign the document.

Do you have any questions about printing the document? Click here!

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