How do I sign?

After reading your document(s), you can choose from 3 options:

  • Back
  • Disagree
  • Next

If you click ‘Back’, the document will close and you will leave the environment. The document can be re-opened using the link in the e-mail.

If you select ‘Disagree’, the document will be rejected. You must also enter your reason for rejecting the document so that the issuer of the document knows why you did so.

Clicking ‘Next’ will take you to the next page, which is where the signing takes place.

Verification methods

Signatures can be supplemented by various options to lend greater authentication to the signing process:

  • Adding a ‘scribble’ using a mouse or touchscreen;
  • Verification using SMS, iDEAL, iDIN, DigiD and/or eHerkenning; and
  • The use of a government-approved identity (PKI certificate, professional certificate).

Read more about the legal validity of electronic signatures:


Finally, depending on the requirements of the sender, you can check / enter your name on the last page and place a scribble with the mouse, trackpad, or touchscreen. By pressing the 'Sign' button you send the document and then the transaction is complete.

What now?

Only once all signers from your transaction have signed successfully will the final signed version of your document be generated. A digital seal will also be placed on the document to prevent tampering, and to safeguard its authenticity.
Depending on the settings of the sender of the document, the document will be sent to you by email so that you receive a copy of the signed document.
If this is taking too long, the best thing to do is inquire about the status of the transaction with the organization that asked you to sign the document. 


If the signing is not successful, or if you are just curious about what an advanced digital signature actually is, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at +31(0) 23-7370046.

Video demonstration

For a brief summary of how to sign a digital document, click here. 

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