We do not provide any support for creating fillable PDF's!  
In the portal, there is an option to specify that the document is fillable.

Figure 1 – Document uploaded into the portal. The document ‘TestContract.pdf’ has been marked as fillable, but ‘Testofferte.pdf’ has not. 

If the document requires only a signature, leave the check box unmarked (as shown for ‘Testofferte.pdf’ in Figure 1).

If the document contains fields that must be completed by the signer, then check the box as shown beside ‘TestContract.pdf’ (Figure 1). 

If you wish to use fillable documents, they can be created using a tool such as Adobe DC Pro. Fillable fields can be added using these tools.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any support for the documents you supply yourself, given the large number of possible variables. Ondertekenen.nl can edit your document to include fillable fields. To use this service, please contact us (e.g. using the chat in the bottom right). This way, you can be sure that your document will work properly with our software. There is a one-off fee for using this service.

See below for quick instructions on how to create your own fillable PDFs.
Click pictures to enlarge.

Images taken from Adobe Acrobat DC Pro on Mac OSX.

Important note:

  • After opening the PDF, check under ‘More’ to see whether ‘Acrobat Form’ has been selected. If a ‘Digital Signature’ can be added, then this is the case; if the only available option is a ‘Signature (Block)', then you will need to switch to Acrobat Form. 

  • It is important for all fillable elements to have unique names, i.e. nothing labelled ‘untitled’. Each field must have its own name. Numbers are one way to achieve this: text1, text2, text3, etc.

  • When using check boxes, it is important that the export value is set to ‘on’.

  • Other elements, such as radio buttons, are not supported.

  • Name the field under ‘Digital Signature’ as follows: ‘Signature-1_1’.

For more information on creating fillable documents, please see ‘Fillable documents [Advanced]

Our support team is happy to help you via chat or e-mail: support@evidos.nl

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