Onboarding Guide for Organizer

Easy step-by-step guide to get started right away

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Register your Event

Step 1: Go to exponaut.me and click "Create an Expo".

Step 2: Fill out registration form.

Step 3: Then wait for confirmation email ( setting up will take up to 10 min).

Step 4: For safety reasons you will get 2 emails:

  • 1st email - Confirm your email address (in case you didn’t get email, please check your spam folder).

  • 2nd email - Set up your password.

Edit your Event

To edit your Event, go to https://portal.exponaut.me and Log in.

Now you have logged in to your account, start editing your Event by clicking on the "Event name".

Add information

Step 1: Fill out general information about your event (edit name, event location, date etc).

Step 2: Update organizer info (contact information, website address etc).

Step 3: Insert event details (date and time, event description etc).

Tip: To get it done faster - Fill out all the easy-to-fill fields first and press “Save”, start again from the top and fill out all the other empty fields.

Add your branding & visuals

Step 1: Add an event banner/cover photo. Suggested dimensions 1920x1000px.
JPG, PNG, GIF recommended. File size max 500KB.

Step 2: Add your logo. Suggested dimensions 300x140px.

Step 3: Add your event video (suggested YouTube link).

Tip: For the best outcome - try out different visuals and check how it looks by clicking "Event live page".

Add/update event program

Step 1: Go to the tab "Add Event Agenda" and insert your event program.

Step 2: Click on the "+ Add New" button and fill out the new topic information.

Step 3: Manage or edit you event topics on the Add Event Agenda page.

Tip: To avoid mistakes - Fill out at least 3 topics and then check how it looks by clicking "Event live page".

Save your changes & publish event!

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