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How to propose meetings in Matchmaking?
How to propose meetings in Matchmaking?
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To have designated time with other attendees for a face to face conversation or a video call you can propose meetings.

1. Propose a meeting

To propose meetings go to "Connect with others" view or in mobile "Connect" view from bottom navigation bar.

Once you have found a person you would like to have a meeting with click "Propose a meeting" button on the attendee profile.

2. Select date

After clicking "Propose a meeting" a pop up view appears where you can select a date when you would like to meet with the other attendee.


3. Select time

After confirming a date you can choose a time. The meetings are generally booked as 30 minute time slots.

4. Add a note

In the final step you can add a note on why you are requesting a meeting or specify on the meeting spot.


Note 🔎 You can find the virtual meeting room under “Meetings” up to one hour before the agreed time. If you would like to meet in person please specify the meeting spot in the note.

5. Send request

Once you have reviewed the details you can finalise sending the meeting request by clicking "Propose a meeting". Other Matchmaking attendee will receive the request. If they confirm or decline you will receive a notification.


You can keep an eye on your proposed meetings and received meeting requests under "My meetings" which is situated next to "Connect with others". To sort out proposed meetings just click on "invitation sent" tab.

Note 🔎 if you are using Matchmaking on a mobile device click "Meetings" from the bottom navigation bar and filter "Invitation sent" to see all proposed meetings.

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