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How to edit your Matchmaking profile?
How to edit your Matchmaking profile?
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Your Matchmaking profile helps other attendees to get acquainted with you before proposing a meeting or sending you a message. You can polish your profile by using the editing view at any time.

Click to read on whether you would like to edit your profile in desktop or mobile:

Edit profile in desktop view

1. Locate "Profile" editing view

To edit your profile info go to "Profile" using left side navigation menu

2. Change your information

You can change your position, company, description, phone number and LinkedIn link just by clicking on the fields and editing the text. You can see how your profile card changes from the right side where you have your profile preview. This is how others see your profile in Matchmaking.

3. Add a photo

To add a photo click on the "+" icon on your avatar. You can choose a new photo from your device and click "open". Your new photo is added to your profile.

If you already have an existing photo you can change the photo as described before. Just click on the "+" icon and upload a new photo.

4. Save to publish

Once you have reviewed your changes click "Save" and your profile will be updated for other attendees to see.

💡Tips on making your profile stand out

  • Choose a profile picture where you are directly looking to a camera and that has a clean look. This way your profile pops out in between other attendees and if you have a physical meeting it is easier for the inviter or invitee to find you.

  • Mention in your description what is your career and what value you have been providing with your work. Some of the things you have done may peak interest in other attendees to propose a meeting with you.

  • Make sure you add a LinkedIn link. This way you can keep connected with new contacts even after the event.

  • If you company has created an exhibition booth in Exponaut portal, make sure to add that under your profile. This way people can view services and products of the company from your Matchmaking profile.

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