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How to export contacts from Matchmaking?
How to export contacts from Matchmaking?
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Exporting contacts is a great way to keep contact information or important prospects with you even after the event.

You can export two types of contacts to your designated email address: favourited contacts and contacts you have had confirmed meetings with.

1. Find "Export contacts" option under Favourites tab

To export contacts go to "Connect" view and find "Favourites" tab. In the upper right corner you can see the "Export contacts" button. Click on the button and a pop up window will appear.

Note πŸ”Ž If you are a mobile user, scroll horizontally on the upper navigation bar to find the "Export contacts" button.

2. Choose your export preferences

In the pop up view you can choose whether you would like to export favourited contacts, contacts you have confirmed meetings with or both. Just click on the checkboxes and keep the options checked which ones you would like to export. By default both checkboxes are checked.

You can also choose the email address where the export will be sent. By default it will show your account email. To add a new email just click on the field and change the email address.

3. Send the report

To receive the contact export on your email click "Send report" button and a confirmation message should show that the report is on its way. You can go to your email inbox and review the export.

Note πŸ”Ž If you do not have favourited contacts or any confirmed meetings you will not be able to export any contacts. Read more on how to favourite contacts.

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