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How to accept or decline meetings?
How to accept or decline meetings?
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Matchmaking is a great way to network during events and conferences. As you are sending meeting proposals to other attendees you can also receive meeting invitations.

1. View your meeting invitations

To see all meeting invitations go to "My meetings" view and sort "Meeting requests".

Note ๐Ÿ”Ž if you are using Matchmaking on a mobile device click "Meetings" from the bottom navigation bar and filter "Meeting requests" to see all proposed meetings.

2. Confirm or decline the meeting request

To confirm the meeting click "Accept" and a meeting confirmation will go out to the other party.

To decline the meeting click "Decline". A pop up window will appear where you can notify the other party on why you are declining the meeting. You can choose a ready made sentence or type in a custom reply.

To finalise click on "Decline meeting" button and your invitee will be notified that you have declined the meeting proposal.

You can review your declined meetings if you filter "Declined".

๐Ÿ’กTips on taking the most out of meetings

  • Make sure you accept or decline meetings so that other attendees can plan their time accordingly.

  • We advise to be ready for a meeting 10 minutes before. If you have a virtual meeting you can use the time to check if everything is working. This way you will not use up the meeting time on overcoming technical difficulties.

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