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How to join events in Matchmaking?
How to join events in Matchmaking?
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Networking has no limits when it comes to Exponaut Matchmaking. You can take part in as many events as you want.

1. Discover your event

You can find events under "Discover new events"

2. Enter event code

Paid events require you to have an access code.

3. Start onboarding

For every event you can create a profile that best fits on how you would like to present yourself to others. Just click "Start" to create your profile.

Choose your expertise

Choose as many tags as you would like to describe your expertise. This will help to generate automatic networking matches to you to choose from.

Fill out your profile and add photo

You can change your position, company, description, phone number and LinkedIn link just by clicking on the fields and editing the text.

To add a photo click on the "+" icon on your avatar. You can choose a new photo from your device and click "open". Your new photo is added to your profile.

If you already have an existing photo you can change the photo as described before. Just click on the "+" icon and upload a new photo.

4. Review and enter event

In the final step you can see how your profile will look to others. You can edit your expertise and profile later at any time. If you have reviewed your information just click "Enter event".

Now all the best contacts are at your fingertips. Just start proposing meetings to widen your network.

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