We love how students and educators have used Exposure to tell rich stories, and we want as many of them as possible to have access to Exposure’s premium tools. Students and educators are now able to receive 50% off their Exposure subscription for the first year with a valid .edu or ac.uk email address.

My school/college/university doesn’t use .edu or .ac.uk email addresses. Can I still get a discount?

We’d be glad to help. If you’re a student or educator anywhere else in the world, please email us a valid student or teacher ID (blank out any sensitive info) and we can get you set up: support@exposure.co.

How does the discount work?

We’ll email you a discount code for 50% off Pro or Business plans subscriptions for one year once you verify your student/educator email. Once you get your code, just enter it into the promo code area on your billing page.

Please Note: We're unfortunately not able to offer educational discounts directly to educational institutions or their athletic departments. We can however arrange for bulk accounts if you'd like to offer Exposure to your students. Please get in touch.

I’m already a paying subscriber. Can I still get a discount?

Thanks for subscribing! And yep, you can still get a discount. Just enter the code into the promo code area on your billing page and you'll get the discount the next time you're billed.

How long is the discount valid?

Student discounts are valid for 1 year from when you activate it, and only if your student email is valid.

I'm a teacher and I want to offer this to my students, how can I do that?

Of course, that’s awesome. Simply send this link to any student who you think would appreciate the offer.

I have more questions!

No problem, just email us at hello@exposure.co.

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