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Using a Custom Domain
An Overview on Using Your Own Custom Domain Name
An Overview on Using Your Own Custom Domain Name

An overview of how to connect your personal or company domain with Exposure in just a few steps

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Custom domains are managed from your Site Preferences

Pro Plus and above subscribers can use their own domain name to display their Exposure site and stories seamlessly. There are two set ups you can use. 

To enable a custom domain for your Exposure site simply use our helpful setup wizard. Sign in and head to to get started. 

You’ll still manage your member account, plus publish, edit, and delete stories from (this is because of the way our post editor currently works) but visitors will only see your custom domain. Any URL will forward to your custom domain. 

Get a Free Domain Name for One Year

It's true! Exposure Pro Plus and above subscribers can get a domain name of their choice free for one year! 

You can send set up details to your developers or domain admin with the links below.

SSL and Domain Security

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an important layer of security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and your web browser. We are pleased to say that all custom domains connected to Exposure will use SSL as standard, for free. This will not only improve your search engine visibility, but also the security of your Exposure site. 

This is an automatic and free update for any member using a custom domain and does not require any changes. Your custom domain will automatically forward to https when a visitor visits your site and all your existing links will work seamlessly. 

If you connect a new custom domain to Exposure the SSL certificate will be applied shortly after the domain is connected, this process usually takes around 10 minutes.

Can't get your domain working? We can help. 

If you've set up DNS per our instructions, and already contacted your registrar, use the chatbox on the bottom right of the screen or email us at and we will get back to you ASAP to help you out. Please make sure you have contacted your registrar, and ensured there are no issues on their end, before you contact us.

Can you use more than one domain?

At this time Exposure can only connect one custom domain at a time.


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