Setting Up a Root Custom Domain

Step by step instructions to set up a root domain with Exposure

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Follow the steps below to set up and test your domain name. You'll need to do this using the DNS control panel where-ever you originally registered your domain name.

Step One

Add a CNAME for www. and point it to (some registrars require the trailing period)

Step Two

Add an A Record for @ and point it to to allow visitors to access your site without using www.

Important! Due to protocol and security limitations, you will NOT be able to use https without the www, even though it will work for http.

For example, will work, whereas (no www) will not load.

Step Three

Test your domain below , you will need to be signed in. Once it's configured correctly you will be asked to complete your custom domain setup and your domain will be active.

Please note: You will need to enter exactly. Any other value will not work with Exposure. Also, redirects or masking setups, like CloudFlare, are not supported.If you use CAA records please add a CAA record for your subdomain that is set to to make sure we can issue your free SSL certificate.

I can't get my domain working, can you help?

If you've set up DNS per our instructions, and already contacted your registrar, use the chatbox on the bottom right of the screen or email us at and we will get back to you ASAP to help you out.

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