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Respecting your privacy when using Exposure as a member

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We take privacy very seriously and respect your right to use Exposure as you wish. With that, we have a couple of helpful options for you to customize your internal account privacy as an Exposure member. You can explore these options on your Account Details page. For our EU members this will help with your GDPR strategy. 

Internal Usage Tracking

To improve your Exposure experience and help with support, we privately track the events you perform while signed in (for example, “Started new Story at 4:13PM on 10/10/18”).

This data is stored securely and is only accessible by the Exposure team for the benefit of supporting you the storyteller. You can disable this via your Account Details under Account Privacy. Please note this will also disable our Live Chat support.

Anonymous Visitor Analytics 

Exposure anonymously collects information on visitors to your site and stories to build insight about how the platform as a whole is doing and help us improve the service, much like most sites on the web. We do this by using Google Analytics and store no personal identifiable information and any IP addresses are anonymized.

To improve your privacy options as a member of the Exposure community and to make your own call for your readers you can toggle Anonymous Visitors Analytics if you wish.

Internal Account Privacy Options is managed from your Account Details.

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