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Embed your Exposure Story Feed
Embed your Exposure Story Feed

A simple snippet to integrate into your website

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With our Business Plan, your feed of stories can go with you and integrate into a website, blog or anywhere that accepts HTML and Javascript with the Exposure Story Feed Embed script.

Get started by going to your Settings, visiting your Developer Options, then looking for Embed Options, and from there you will see an example and steps on how to implement the Story Feed. 

The script allows you to embed a raw list of stories to be displayed anywhere you need them and also style the feed as you wish. 

The embed includes the following data by default but we also included a bunch of options so you can display the list how you want. The stories will link back to Exposure.

  • Title

  • Subtitle

  • Thumbnail

  • Published date 

Feed Embed Markup

You can see the markup and css structure of the feed embed with the button below.

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