While sad to see customers go you are free cancel your plan and cease payments at anytime. The cancel process takes just a few seconds and includes steps for you to leave feedback and let us know if there is anything we can do to keep you (really, what can do for you?).

Cancellations are are immediate one you complete the process and you will lose any features related to your plan. That also means all but your first 3 published stories will be unpublished instantly.

Depending on your renewal period you may eligible for a refund, learn more about that here

Starting a cancellation while signed in

Click "Billing" in your member menu. 

From the Billing center click "Cancel Subscription" .

This is your chance to leave feedback or let us know if we can help keep you as a customer. If you would rather cancel then click "Skip and Continue".

Fill out our downgrade survey and click "Cancel Subscription".

The last step is to type your Exposure username and click "Downgrade to Free". From there you are done. Thanks for being part of Exposure.

If you have any questions around canceling your plan please contact us.

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