Once you're an Exposure subscriber, we automatically bill your card every month or year (depending on your chosen plan) until you decide to cancel your plan, which you can do from your billing dashboard. We also send you invoices of receipt for each payment automatically, as well as upcoming billing reminders.

Examples Of Payments

  • You subscribe to Exposure Pro on June 16th for $14 a month. Each month on or around June 16th (depending on holidays) the card on file is charged.

  • You subscribe to Exposure Business at $999 a year on January 3rd. Each year on or around January 3rd the payment of $999 is automatically charged to the card on file.

Payments will automatically continue until the card is declined or you cancel your plan. If you card is declined we will send reminders to the email address in your account details, so please make sure that is up to date. 

Have a question about billing? We’re here to help! Just use the chat box at the bottom right to send us a message. We’re around from about 9am to 6pm ET Monday thru Friday.

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