Once you are an Exposure paid subscriber you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. We love giving you the flexibility to use Exposure as you wish and that includes what plan you want to be on. 

To change your plan by upgrading or downgrading it, head to your Billing Center and look for "Your Subscription"

From there click "Subscription Type" and choose your new plan.

At this time you can change your renewal period too if you wish. 

Once you are done click "Update Your Subscription" and the changes will take effect immediately. 

Downgrading to a Cheaper Plan 

If you happen to downgrade to a cheaper plan the difference will be refunded to you pro-rata. This is automatically actioned and you will receive an email notification when it has been processed. 

When You Upgrade

If you choose to upgrade your plan, the difference will be pro-rated. This may result in a refund for any unused time on your old plan. Depending on when you do this, it may show up immediately or in the next billing cycle.

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