Story Subscriber Emails Overview
It's like a super simple mailing list
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Exposure comes with super helpful feature called Story Subscribers that is an impactful and simple way to build your audience via an email list. 

Story Subscribers works by allowing your visitors to subscribe to your stories with their email address. Once they are subscribed they will receive beautifully simple email notifications to let them know there is a new story to check out. 

Once you publish a new story there is a 15 minute window where you can make edits before the email is sent. Just to catch those little typos.   

We handle all the sending and preparing of the emails so you can focus on story telling. 

Story Subscribers can unsubscribe anytime via the "Unsubscribe" link in the story notification emails. You can also manually remove an email address from your list via your Subscribers Center

You're also empowered to toggle off the option that shows Subscriber Count on your Exposure. This is done in Subscriber Settings.

Story Subscribers is free for anyone that is an Exposure member and can be managed via the Site Preferences.

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