Exposure is a modern publishing platform for photographers and visual storytellers. It’s the simple way to create and share your unique photo stories.

We started out with the need to have a permanent home and a easy to use tool for our storytelling, lot's of stories don't fit in the kind of format Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others provide so we built Exposure. 

Since 2013 we have been building and improving the Exposure format to further empower our storytellers with a beautiful place for their long form and heavily visual content.     

Explore some feature stories to see what we mean.

We pride ourselves on our values that guide the platform

  • It should be easy: The hard part of creating a story should not be laying it out and publishing it. We focus on creating a easy to use experience and tools so you can focus on what you love most.

  • Listen to community:  We love the feedback and the community that has grown around Exposure. We see amazing and passionate storytellers from all over the world and we strive to listen to their needs and build for them.

  • Build for the long term: From day 1 Exposure has been a paid product. We think far too many services focus on getting lots of members first, with little or no consideration to how they’ll keep everything running. We want to make sure that we’re always able to focus on building the best tool possible instead of figuring out how to keep the lights on. We simply wouldn’t want to use a service that could disappear tomorrow or, worse, shoves ads in our faces.

  • It's not our content: We respect the work you do, it's ownership and copyright. Your content is your content on Exposure and we will never use it any shady or disrespectful ways.

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