Installing a Facebook Tracking Pixel

No code needed

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Exposure Business subscribers can utilize our Facebook Pixel Manager for one click install with no need for any code. 

Step 1: Head to the Facebook Events Manager Pixels tab and locate the "Set up Pixel" button. You can visit Facebooks guide on this here.

Step 2: Then choose the "Manually Install Pixel Code Yourself" option.

Step 3: Scroll to section 2 and locate the the Pixel code, then locate the "init" section and copy the 16 digit number to the right of it. 

See below for a reference on the numbers location.  

Step 4:  With the number in your clipboard visit your Exposure Business settings and paste that number into your Facebook Pixel Manager. Press "Save and Insert Pixel" and you are done. Your Pixel is now live on your site and stories. 

Using more advanced Pixel codes

If you need to use more advanced codes than our manager offers or more than one Pixel then you can use the Custom Code area in your Business Settings.

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