Looping video covers can bring a whole new type of life to you stories and it's super easy to get started. Simply upload a video and we handle the processing and embedding. No code required and the video will be optimized for desktop and mobile viewing.

Step 1

Upload a cover photo: We use this photo for the share image that appears on social media and for the photo that will appear on your sites list of stories. It's also a fall back if for any reason the video does not load or a browser does not support video. We suggest a good hero shot for the story. 

Step 2

Click "Upload Looping Video": Make sure your video hits all the requirements before trying to upload it to your cover. 


For a video to be accepted for upload we require 3 key things. 

  • The total file size is under 50MB

  • The total length of the video is under 30 seconds 

  • The file type is either .MP4 or .MOV (we will be adding more file types in the future) 

Step 3

Sit back and relax: Once your video has been uploaded there will be a short window of between 15 and 60 seconds while we process the video for use in the story.

During this time you will see the cover image change to the first frame of the video (the cover photo you just set will be still present underneath). You can also keep adding to your story or even leave the story and come back later.  

Step 4

Enjoy your looping cover video: You are done, your video will be looping in the cover of your story. You can change between Overlay, Two Fold and Simple story layouts and the video will resize with the layout. 

Removing or replacing a looping video 

Removing a video is just as simple as uploading one. Click the Red X button next to the "Upload Looping Video" button and confirm you want to remove it. There is no undo for this action and the story will save and reload once confirmed. 

To replace a looping video simply start the process over by clicking the the "Upload Looping Video" button.

If you have any questions or feedback about this feature please contact us via the chat feature in the bottom right of this page.

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