Your story cover has a few options so you can get the perfect look. These options change depending on what story layout you are using. 

Overlay Layout Options 

  • Hide or show the the dark overlay for your cover photo or video. This may cause contrast issues so please keep that in mind for your readers. 

  • Hide or show the title and subtitle of your story, please note that this only shows as hidden when you preview your story. Not while editing. 

Overlay, Two Fold and Simple Layout Options

  • Your cover photo position can be changed to focus on the center, top, bottom, left or right focal points of the photo. 

  • Hide or show your author avatar 

  • Hide or show the publish date of your story. You can also hide all publish dates if you wish. Learn how.

The Cover Design Options icon is located in the bottom right of your cover area while in edit mode. 

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