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Exposure Pro Plus or Business subscribers can easily add videos to their stories just like adding photos.

Uploading a Video

Start by clicking the "Video" button from the group options bar at the bottom of your screen. From there you will be presented with an "Upload Video" button.

Video files must meet the following requirements before upload.

  • .MP4 or .MOV in file format.

  • No more than 300MB in size

Once uploaded, video files will be processed and optimized for desktop and mobile playback. Processing video takes around 10-60 seconds once uploaded but you can keep adding to your story while this is happening.

Processed videos are streamed at 1920px wide on desktop and 800px on mobile. Videos have a max display height of 1920px.

Playback Options

Once processed, you have 2 simple playback options for your videos. You can find these controls along with width options in the top left of the video group.

  • Traditional 'click to play', like Youtube, etc.

  • Silent looping, this will mute your video and loop it with no playback controls.

Below is an example of the playback and width options being changed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How man videos can I upload to one story?
    There is no limit to how many videos you can upload right now.

  • What happens to videos in my stories if I downgrade my account to Pro or cancel entirely?
    In this case, videos will be removed from your story but will put back if you choose to re-upgrade.

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