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Monetize your stories with micropayments

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Web Monetization is an open technology that allows someone viewing a webpage to stream very small payments (micropayments) to the page's creator in real time.

With this feature, visitors who have a membership can stream payments to you as they spend time on your Exposure sites and stories.

You must sign up for a digital wallet provider that supports the Interledger protocol (ILP) to then cashout your payments. Learn more about that here.

This is a very new technology for the web but is picking up wider adoption. As adoption grows the amounts you can earn will increase.

Like Coil puts it. "Our monetization model offers an alternative to the status quo of paid advertisements and selling the public’s attention to the highest bidders – A solution that will serve the people who aren’t being served well today."

1 - Getting Started

First off, please review Coil's documentation and create a free creator account.

2 - Once you are set up with

When you are ready to go, visit and select "Monetize content" from the menu.

3 - Finding your Payment Point

To start receiving payments you will need your Payment Point Address, this can be found in the "Content=" part of the Meta tag on your screen. Copy just that part, for example, "$".

From there head to the Monetization section of your Exposure settings.

4 - Add to Your Exposure Site

Paste your Payment Point Address into the corresponding field and click save. Your site and stories are now using Web Monetization! Congrats.

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