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Setting a story as your About Page

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You can set any published story as your About Page, this will help tell visitors who you are and what you care about. An About Page is helpful if you use Exposure as your main website.

When enabled, a story set as your About Page will be hidden from your main stories but will be linked to via an "About" link in all your menus ( Next to "Contact",
"Categories", etc).

Setting an About Page Story

From the Options menu, in any published story simply toggle "Set as About Page" to enable. The story will instantly be used as your About Page.

A few notes

  • If you already have a story set as your About Page any stories set later will replace it.

  • Unpublishing a story will disable its use as an About Page.

  • A story must be published to set as an About Page. If you want to publish without notifying your subscribers then disable the "Send Email Subscriber Notification" toggle in your story Options.

  • Un-setting a story as your About Page will put it back in the typical story feed order.

The "About" Link

A link to your new About Page will appear in the menus of your site and the footer of your stories. If you have the Menu Builder enabled then the link will appear in the "Native Exposure Items" section.

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