The native Exposure features to offer stories in multiple languages are not yet complete, but there is a workaround that can work in the meantime.

To see the workaround in action please visit this story:

You can see at the top of the story there is a button to visit a second language but only one story appears on their site

Steps to replicate this workaround

  • Create and publish a story in your main language.

  • Duplicate that story and rewrite it in the second language.

  • After you publish open the story options and select "Hide story", this will hide the story from your Exposure site.

  • Do the following steps for as many languages as you like.

  • Re-visit your English story, create a Text group at the top of your story and add buttons to read the story in the other languages. Here is how.

  • Once done you can Ctrl+A to select the buttons, copy them and paste them into Text groups in the other language stories.

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