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Setting Up Search Engine and Social Appearance
Setting Up Search Engine and Social Appearance

Replace the default Exposure branding for when your site is referenced online.

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By default, the image on the card that is pulled by Twitter, Facebook, Google search results, and other social networks for your Exposure will be a generic image.

For example,

In your Settings, under Site Preferences, and then Search Engine and Social Appearance you have the ability to set a custom link share image that will replace our branding for any link shared.

The optimal Share Image size is 1200px ร— 630px, but any image under 5MB will be cropped to that size once uploaded and processed.

This is also where you can set up Site Title, Description of your site, and Keywords. This is important for discovery and ranking with Search Engines. We recommend updating this in the initial stages of branding your Exposure account,

You can take similar action for each individual story you post on Exposure:

These features are available on any paid plan.

You can confirm what your link will look like before it's shared via:

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