Okay once you have integrated MailChimp & Exsalerate you create an audience in MailChimp to send Exsalerate contacts to.

Create A Mailchimp Audience

To create an audience in Mailchimp you need to be an admin of the account

Click the audience icon to view existing audiences

Click create audience

Create the audience details

An audience is now ready to send contacts to

Now go to email campaigns via the settings menu in Exsalerate:

Sending Exsalerate contacts to Mailchimp

Use the dropdown filters to load the desired list of contacts.

In this example, I'm going to send a campaign to All Customers, but because I only want to reach out to the Decision-maker I'm going to use the Contact Relationship filter.

Once you've applied filters click 'View Contacts for Export'

Exsalerate reveals contacts that meet the filter requirements (including customers that are already on a MailChimp List).

Customers that already exist in a list will be removed by MailChimp so there's no duplication. 

From the MailChimp List drop-down menu choose the audience you wish to send your contacts to in MailChimp.

Click Send to MailChimp List and all the contacts will be pushed to MailChimp. 

Campaign Summary

Once you've sent a Campaign you can view key statistics regarding performance, such as the number of emails sent, opens, unsubscribes, soft bounces, and invalid email addresses. 

To view who has opened the campaign click the 'Sent' value. 

Exsalerate will automatically create an email campaign activity against the Contacts Company profile and show Who at the organization opened your campaign.

In the example below I can see that Sam & Simon opened my campaign.

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