Setup the different segments of your database and customise the dropdown lists below.


You can tag each company in your database to a different territory so its easy to see companies within a specific area, you can also use this segment when generating a list to send to MailChimp. 


If you need to hide data from specific users you'll need to create a 'branch'. 

When a user is assigned to a 'branch' they will only be able to see other companies assigned to their branch.  

Companies can only be assigned to one branch but users can be assigned to multiple branches. 


Setup your campaigns so you can track the reactions to them inside Activities when responding to their enquiry. 

Contact Relationship

Track key contact relationships within each companies profile so your team can identify key roles and send campaigns to targeted relationships within your database.

Contact Title

This list will organically grow as you add more contacts to Exsalerate, but feel free to delete what you don't need from the default list. 

Customer Industry

Add the different industry types of your customers which can be used to send industry specific campaigns through our MailChimp integration . 

Customer Rank

Rank your customers based on their importance to you. Use the Account Management Dashboard to view a key segment and ensure your team is communicating with them regularly. 


Capture all lead sources so you can track ROI though our Reports, you can also setup Contact Us forms that talk to Exsalerate and capture your different lead sources. 

Lead Fail Reason

Enter common reasons why new leads don't convert such as Price, Availability, Incumbent etc. We save the lead fail reason to the Pipeline Report. 


Setup your competitors and record who you lost an opportunity to and why, a vital feature for companies that are on a contract with the incumbent. 

Note you can change the label of this field if you would like to track something else.

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