Organization Settings

These are the primary settings for your Exsalerate account

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Organizational settings for your company include:

Company Name

Legal Entity

Financial Year end

Time Zone



Pipeline Won Phase (map the phase for won)

Pipeline Lost Phase (map the phase for lost)

Sales Rep Label

Account Manager Label

Always click Save to update


We don't support multiple currencies at present, however, this is on our roadmap. All financial revenue should be set to the same currency you use in Xero.

All revenue is displayed in the company's currency by face value, we do not convert the transaction back to your home currency. 

Sales Rep Label

You can re-label the heading 'Sales Rep' to something more suitable for your company, you might be a professional service company where this is not appropriate. Note the drop down will only select other staff members. 

Account Manager Label

You can re-label the heading 'Account Manager' to something more suitable for your company, however, it should be used for staff members that look after your current customers. 

Pipeline Won Stage

When an opportunity is dragged into the won box choose the phase you wish it to be allocated to within your sales process - ie customer 

Pipeline Lost Stage

When a company/opportunity is is lost it will be allocated to the phase of your sales process that you choose - ie lost lead 

Note you can send email campaigns to the different stages of your sales process through our MailChimp integration.

Cancel Sub

If you wish to cancel your subscription click cancel sub to notify our accounts team. If you would like a copy of your data make sure you click download data and we'll send you an email with all your data files

Billing Info

This is where you can upgrade your account or credit card details. 

Delete Demo Data

To delete the demo data that came with your account click this option. 

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