Design your contact us form so leads automatically flow into your Exsalerate account

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You can build a contact us form that talks directly to Exsalerate so any leads captured on your website flow through to your Exsalerate pipeline. 

You can also set the following;

  1. The type of follow-up Activity you want created when the forms have been completed e.g. follow-up call.

  2. The user you wish to assign the Activity to (only one user per form).

  3. The stage in your sales process for the lead to be added to your pipeline.

  4. The lead source.

An automated email will be sent to the user each time your contact us form has been completed - select this user when building your form. 

Form Web Address

You need to specify the URL that the form is hosted on, please do not include http://www. in this field e.g exsalerate.com/contact-us. 

Redirect to Web Address

This is the page the user will be taken to once they complete the form, we recommend you create a page that thanks them for getting in touch and that you will hear from us soon. 


You can set the colour scheme of the forms to match your branding, your website designer will be able to give you the HTML colour codes. 

Include Query

Exsalerate Forms requires the javascript library jQuery. If you are currently NOT running jQuery on your website, make sure you check this box so the form is displayed correctly on your site

Custom Fields

You can add custom fields to your form, however, these will only display in the activity that gets created in Exsalerate when the forms been completed. You can add as many fields as you like and mark required fields for the user to complete. 

Publish your form

It's important you click the Publish your Form button before copying the HTML code.
Make sure the correct form web address and redirect web address has been set up as outlined above.

Form Code

Copy and paste your form code to your website, or forward the code in a text file to your website developer.

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