Exsalerate provides a dedicated ToDo list so you know when to take action and follow-up with a Lead or Customer

Your ToDo list is colour coded, so each Activity will change colour depending on the due date. 

RED = Overdue
GREEN = Due today
BLUE = Planned for the future
GREY = Completed today

Weekly or Daily ToDo reports will be sent by email to each user so that they are aware of what they need to achieve to set this up click the link to find out more

See Adding Activities / Tasks for more information on how to Add an Activity to your To-Do List

You can drag & drop each Activity tile to organise your schedule, when an Activity tile is dragged & dropped Exsalerate will change the colour of the Activity Link on your Pipeline or Account Management.

You complete an Activity by clicking the Tick box on the right-hand side of the Activity tile.

When you do this Exsalerate will ask you to create your Follow-up Activity, so just select the next Activity from the drop-down list. 

Enter additional notes & select the date you wish to follow-up with the Lead/Customer. 

To conclude click: To Do to schedule this activity in your ToDo List. 

Emailed Reports

There are two reports Exsalerate will automatically send to users by email. To find out how to set this up click the link.

  1. Daily to-do list

  2. Weekly activity breakdown

The ToDo List is emailed overnight so it is in the user's inbox when they arrive to work each day. 

Exsalerate can also send a weekly activity breakdown over the weekend so management & users have a snapshot of their activities for the week ahead.

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