We have 15 different reports in Exsalerate with each designed to give you the specific data you're after, wether it's exporting customer data to Excel or insights to your sales team's activity you'll find what you need. 

To access company wide reporting you'll need to have the Sales Coordinator or Admin role against your user profile, reports are accessed from My Dashboard as shown below. 

Here's a breakdown of what detail the different reports give you in Exsalerate; 

Sales Team Activity Breakdown

This report displays the number of activities your teams completed in the date range you've selected, you can also drill down to view the company and contact the activity has been assigned to by clicking on the number of completed tasks.
You're also able to display the totals in a graph which is great for your weekly sales meeting.

The Sales Team Activity Totals Report combines the total activities across your whole team 

Prospect Pipeline by Sales Team

This report displays the phase and companies that are assigned to each team member.

Customer Lead Source by Status

This report displays the current phase companies are in on your pipeline and what the lead source was - this will help you track conversions and ROI from your lead sources. 

 Customer Mail List Export

This will download a Excel file of all your individual contacts, their phone numbers, email address and company name and addresses, industry, branch and Account Manager - use this report if you want company and contact information download. 

KPI Report Export

This will download the KPI totals to Excel, you'll need to have setup KPI's in settings first for this to work. 

Activity Detail

This will download all your completed or future activities to Excel so you can see all notes and descriptions entered against each activity and client. 

Customer Call Cycle Export

This report downloads all of the companies in your database and displays useful information like current Phase, Rank, addresses, contact details and more. 

Physical Address Export

This will download all companies and addresses into Excel so you can use the Mail Merge tool in Word.

Campaign Summary

This report will show you all of the activities in your account that have been linked to a campaign. Each activity window in Exsalerate has a campaign section so you can record and track any activities that have been created due to a recent campaign. 

Customer Love

This report show you the number of touch-points you've have with your clients vs revenue received from them, it's a great tool for account managers to ensure they are giving enough attention to their clients and for management to see the 20% of customers that are taking up 80% of your time.

Sales By Code

This report shows Revenue collected in the selected date range and can be filtered by Sales Rep & Account Manager

Aged Receivables Summary

This report pulls down all your aged receivables from Xero so you can see your overdue account's from inside Exsalerate.


This report shows all companies added to your account in the date range selected, the report displays useful information like number of activities created against each lead and the total days spent in your pipeline. You can also export to excel to manipulate the data and work out your conversion ratio. 

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