We do our best to prevent duplicates in Exsalerate but these can be created via slightly different spelling or abbreviation of a company name when adding it into Exsalerate e.g Acme Corp and Acme Corp Limited. 

If you find yourself in this situation and want to merge two company records together: 

  1. Search the Company Name you no longer want and load their profile

  2. Go to Details tab within their profile and search for the company you wish to merge the duplicate to. 

*Note we won't delete any contacts, phone numbers or activity history, the only thing that will change is the company name itself. 

   3. Click Merge Company, a notification pops up that Exsalerate will merge all records together, click OK. 

You will receive this notification to confirm that you wish to merge all Acme Corp Limited records into Acme Corp

The two records are now merged under the company called Acme Corp, the only data that has been removed is the old company name, Acme Corp Limited.

If you are connected to Xero you will now need to merge the company in Xero too.

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