Download the Gmail add in from the Chrome Web store so you can: 

  • Add new companies to your pipeline. 

  • Create follow-up activities. 

  • Add new people/contacts to existing companies. 

  • Choose the company your email is saved to (if the person is saved against multiple companies in Exsalerate). 

  • Record the type of email you're sending. 

  • Save attachments to the documents tab in Exsalerate.  

Head to the Chrome Web store, search for Exsalerate then add it to Chrome 

Click add extension

The Exsalerate Add in is now installed and you can click the icon to show the extension

Now close your Gmail and re-open, compose a new message and you will then be asked to configure your Exsalerate Connection at the bottom of the page 

Now enter your Exsalerate user name and password to validate your credentials 

Now set up your now choose your default email activity type and follow up activity types. 

Also choose whether you wish Exsalerate to automatically create a follow up activity every time you send an email.

Click save and continue 

Now compose a new message and you will see this at this bottom of your page

Sending An Email from Gmail:

Now type the Email Address, write the email, at the bottom of the page Exsalerate will now match the contact (email address) to a company if it already exists or you can add it if it doesn't. 

Just click the Create Button.

Note: The Gmail extension will only record the email against the 1st contact in the address field not multiple contacts. 

The Company Name pre-populates & you choose  the Email Activity Type that relates to the outgoing email (these options are drawn from your Exsalerate account).

Exsalerate will now ask if you would like to create a Follow up Activity to retain or win the business so check or un-check the box based on what you wish to happen next. 

If checked you choose the Type of Activity from the drop down menu just set the date and time

 Send To Exsalerate.

 Send To Exsalerate & Archive.

Email but NOT to Exsalerate.

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