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G-Mail Integration with Exsalerate
G-Mail Integration with Exsalerate

File correspondence, create follow up activities and add new companies/contacts from your Gmail inbox

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Download the Gmail add-in from the Chrome Web store so you can: 

Add new companies to your pipeline. 

  • Create follow-up activities. 

  • Add new people/contacts to existing companies. 

  • Choose the company your email is saved to (if the person is saved against multiple companies in Exsalerate). 

  • Record the type of email you're sending. 

  • Save attachments to the documents tab in Exsalerate.  

Head to the Chrome Web Store, search for Exsalerate then add it to Chrome 

Click add extension

The Exsalerate Add-in is now installed and you can click the icon to show the extension

Close Gmail and log in to re-open

Compose a new message and you will then be asked to configure your Exsalerate Connection

Now enter your * Exsalerate user name and password *

Next, choose your default email activity type and follow-up activity type (to set up your activity options in Exsalerate click here)

Choose whether you wish Exsalerate to automatically create a follow-up activity every time you send an email.

Click save and continue 

Sending An Email from Gmail:

Type the Email Address in the 'to' field, at the bottom of the page Exsalerate will start to match the contact (email address) to a company if it already exists.

The Company Name pre-populates & you choose the Email Activity Type that relates to the outgoing email (these options are drawn from your Exsalerate account).

Exsalerate will ask if you would like to create a Follow-up Activity so check or un-check the box choose the type of Follow Up Activity and set the date and time

When sending the email you can copy Exsalerate or not:

Email to Exsalerate and the person

Email but NOT to Exsalerate.

If the company does not exist in Exsalerate you can add them from your inbox as per the below:

Note: The Gmail extension will only record the email against the 1st contact in the address field, not multiple contacts.

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