I don't have access to an existing customer in Exsalerate? ie I can see the client but I can't open the profile.

This is usually to do with your Branch Settings, which limit visibility of users to pre-set groups of clients, please chat with your account administrator

Check Branch Settings:
Menu>Manage Users>User Name>Branch Setting

I cannot find an exisiting customer when I search everything in Exsalerate. 

The customer may have been Archived at some point due to becoming inactive.

Check Archived Customers: Menu>Companies>Phase>Archived>Filter


My emails are not filing to an exisiting company profile.
Exsalerate matches emails to a company based on the contacts email address, if there are any email address errors they will not file correctly

No emails are coming through to my inbox (BCC Function)
Check your SPAM folder, if this is empty and you have refreshed your inbox as per the below please get hold of us on chat and we will clear your account


I cannot export my reports to a CSV file

Enable flash by clicking the padlock icon in your browser window as per below

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