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Outlook Email Integration with Exsalerate
Outlook Email Integration with Exsalerate

Connect Outlook to Exsalerate & never miss following up an opportunity

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Download the Exsalerate add in via the Microsoft Web store and when sending emails from your inbox you can:

  • Add new companies directly to your pipeline. 

  • Create follow-up activities. 

  • Add new people/contacts to existing companies. 

  • Choose the company your email is saved to (if the person is saved against multiple companies in Exsalerate). 

  • Record the type of email you're sending. 

  • Save attachments to the documents tab in Exsalerate.  

**To download the Outlook add in please ensure you have Office 365 for Business version 2016 or later.

Click show Exsalerate and then pin it to the right hand side of your page. 

Type in the contact email address, if it exists in Exsalerate it will pre-populate the customer name and give options re which company /opportunity it should be filed to. 

If the contact does not exist, type in the name and you will be offered options to match it to either a company or an opportunity, then click Create 

Exsalerate prompts you to set a Follow up Activity to retain or win the business so check or un-check the box based on what you wish to happen.

Set the Type of Activity from the drop down menu, the date and the time. 

Click: + Exsalerate to copy the email to your Exsalerate account, then click the ordinary send button in outlook to send the email.

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