To create a new opportunity in Exsalerate when sending a quote out of Xero simply add your personal Exsalerate address (if you are unsure of this address please reach out in chat)

When Exsalerate receives the email it recognises the quote as a new opportunity for an exisiting customer by matching the email address. 

**The company you send the quote to must be in the customer phase in Exsalerate  

Exsalerate creates a new opportunity tile in your sales pipeline and adds it to the relevent company profile under the documents tab. Open the opportunity to add the $ value of the quote. 

To set the phase you wish Exsalerate to add the quote to click settings, Xero Integration and choose the opportunity phase

You must also set the follow up activity 

You can view on the quote issued on the documents tab of the company dashboard with a direct link to the quote issued in Xero 

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