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Activity Set-up

Customise the activities your team undertakes to win & retain business

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Exsalerate is preset with common Activities which you can customise by adding or deleting to suit your sales process

Activities are assigned to a category to determine the icon that displays in your to-do list and client profiles

Activity Name: Name the various activities to suit your sales process

Display Order: This is the order the activities appear iii drop down menu

Score Value: The value of the activity to your business. (1 is the lowest value)

Activity Category: Each Activity links to an Activity Category, the category determines

the action and icon Exsalerate displays to prompt your sales team to execute

Report On: Exsalerate includes the activity in all your reporting

Use As Subject: Exsalerate automatically includes the activity in the subject line

Inactive: De-activate the activity from your sales process

Delete: Remove the activity from your sales process

Activity Category:

Exsalerate displays a range of symbols to represent various activities

  • Phone Call - Enables the user to make a call from the mobile app.

  • Email - Email activities sent from Gmail or Outlook 365 for Business inbox (add-in/extension) must be installed)

  • Meeting - A meeting activity sent from your Google or Outlook calendar (need to have installed the addin/extension)

  • Follow-up - A follow up activity is scheduled following the completion of a previous activity with all notes and information carried forward. This can be created in Exsalerate or in your Gmail or Outlook inbox

  • Email Campaign - This means a MailChimp campaign has been sent and Exsalerate creates an email activity against each contact's company profile so you can see who's opened the campaign and when it was sent

  • Other - Used for internal tasks that aren't related to Sales or Account Management - file note etc.

  • WorkflowMax job - This will send a job to WFM and assign it to the correct template and team member, note this is only available for WFM users

Note: green icons indicate the Activity is due today, blue icons represent activities planned for the future and red icons mean the activity is overdue

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