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All activities with customers/leads are saved against a company profile so everyone in your team knows what's planned & the outcome of every single interaction. 

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*Note activities will only be visible internally unless it's a Meeting activity where an invite can be sent directly to the client's calendar via Outlook or Gmail

Create an Activity: 

Click Add Activity: Exsalerate assumes it's for the company you have open on the page. (if you wish to schedule an activity for another company search for it in the Search Everything bar at the top of the page). 

Choose Activity Type from the drop-down menu (you can customise activities in your settings menu)

Search Contacts and add relevant client details

Assigned to: choose the team member/s you wish to complete the activity

Stakeholders: hover your mouse over the top right-hand corner to include stakeholders in the activity which you can choose to notify by email

Date: Choose the date you wish the activity to be completed (here you can also create re-occurring activities/call cycle if required).

Activity Notes: Enter notes that are relevant ie: if it's a phone call record what the outcome was or what you would like to be discussed on

Attach File: Upload relevant files that support the activity

Once you have finished adding all the relevant information above you will need to save the activity by clicking 'To-Do' or 'Done'

To Do: The activity is scheduled for the future & will appear in the ToDo List of the assigned person & and in the company profile as Activities To Do


Done: This completes the activity and it will save against the company profile in Recently Completed Activities.

Exsalerate will also ask you if you want to create a follow-up activity and add it back to your to-do list.

Change the date to when you need to follow up and click to-do.

Note we date stamp your notes so they are easy to reference next time.

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