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Add New Exsalerate Users
Add New Exsalerate Users

Invite your team to Exsalerate so everyone's working from the same page.

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Add new users to your Exsalerate account at any time, an email will be sent to their email address with a link to create their own unique Exsalerate password.  

Note: Check the spam folder if they haven't received the email within 5 minutes, if found mark it as 'Not Spam' via your email client. 

Access Permissions

There are 3 different access levels within Exsalerate;

  1. Administrators = Access to everything. 

  2. Sales Coordinators = Access to everything apart from the settings menu.

  3. Team Members = Access to their own reports & customers' sales data but can't access other team members' reports or total sales revenue. 

Emailed Reports

There are two reports we can automatically send users by email.

  1. Daily To-Do list

  2. Weekly To-Do list

The daily To-Do List is emailed overnight so it's in the user's inbox when they arrive to work each day. 

The weekly To-Do List is emailed over the weekend so management & users have a snapshot of the activities planned for the week.

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