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Connect Xero To Reveal More About Your Customers
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Connect Exsalerate with Xero to access real-time information about your clients

Sales revenue is displayed by Xero account code with direct links to all invoices

Key Steps:

  1. Connect to Xero

  2. Quotes: Choose the Exsalerate pipeline phase title & designated follow-up activity when sending quotes from Xero.

  3. Invoices: Choose who should be notified by Exsalerate when invoices are raised in Xero. 

  4. Import Xero Account Codes (Sales Codes)

  5. Import Xero Contacts. 

  6. Import Xero Supplier Codes. 

  7. Import Xero Sales.

Navigate to Xero Integration via Settings as shown below. 

Click Connect to Xero and enter login details to authorise Exsalerate to connect, then click Allow Access


If you send a quote from XERO to an existing customer include your Exsalerate email address within the email address bar.

The quote is assigned to the relevant company profile and will appear in your sales pipeline in the phase you choose as per the below

Finally, choose the follow-up activity you would typically assign to an account manager based on a quote being sent. 


Include the people you wish to be notified when an invoice is generated - typically this would be a person responsible for approving Xero invoices. 

Sales Codes

These are your Revenue Chart of Accounts codes from Xero, we tap into these in order to visually display your sales data so can view the products & services your clients have been buying. 

Click import sales codes from Xero. 

Contacts Import

This imports all of the contacts you have issued invoices to in Xero.

**Note we don't import contacts that haven't been invoiced, learn how to upload data here. 

Suppliers Import

This imports all your XERO suppliers, so you can manage correspondence with them in Exsalerate - ie emails, contact details etc.  

**Note We don't have the ability to create purchase orders or display billing history with each supplier. 

Sales Import

This imports all your XERO sales, make sure you enter the date you First Joined Xero so that we can access all your customer sales history. 

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