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Add new customers to WorkflowMax & create jobs from Exsalerate with direct links to all jobs, quotes & notes.

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To Connect Workflow Max Click:
 Menu>Settings>WorkflowMax Integration as shown below. 

Next click 'Connect to WorkflowMax' and enter your password. 

Once you've entered your passwords make sure you authorise the correct WFM account - click 'Authorise'

You will then be taken back to the Exsalerate WFM Integration page. 

Import WorkflowMax Quotes

Turn this option on if you want to automatically import your quotes issued from WorkflowMax

You should only use this option if you regularly issue quotes to your existing customers because Exsalerate will create a new opportunity each time you issue a quote. 

Note: Because you've already added the lead to your pipeline there is no need for another opportunity to be created as it will result in a duplicate in your pipeline. 

Select the correct phase in your sales process to save the quote to, and the follow-up activity type you wish to assign to the Account Manager.  

The follow-up activity will be added to their to-do list for the same day the quote was issued. 

Invite staff from WorkflowMax to Exsalerate

You can invite all WFM staff to Exsalerate, this helps save time if you have a large team that needs access, we will also be able to assign all Account Managers to their clients when we import all contacts. 

Import Customers

Click here to import all customers from WorkflowMax.
If you use Lead Manager we will also import these leads to your pipeline, make sure you let us know if you wish to continue using Lead Manager after connecting Exsalerate as we need to change a setting for you in order for the connection to work.

We recommend disconnecting lead manager once you're connected to Exsalerate.

The customer import may take some time depending on how many customers & jobs you've created in WorkflowMax. 

If you're from a large company this could take over an hour to complete. 

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