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Do I qualify for an Extra card?
Do I qualify for an Extra card?

Learn about our membership requirements!

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Our goal is to make building better credit as accessible as possible so we've kept requirements* simple:

✅ Be at least 18 years old

✅ Have an SSN or ITIN

✅ Live in the United States (We currently cannot support P.O. Boxes)

✅ Have a checking account at one of our 10,000+ supported U.S. or Canadian banks

✅ Have an iOS device OR an Android device running version 10 or later

No minimum credit score! We don't check your credit so you don't have to worry about negatively affecting your score by applying.

*In the event we cannot verify your identity, we may ask you to provide additional details. Loans may be offered by Lead Bank, please see terms for details.

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