There are plenty of fun eyeson features you can play with, including the operating system’s new light mode. But how can I switch from the dark to the light mode? 

First, sign in to your account and select the group you want to join.

You have now two options to activate the light mode.

Option 1

As soon as you have joined your group, you will see yourself in the preview:

In the lower left corner you can change to the light mode.

Great! You have successfully switched from the dark to the light mode! You can now join the group video call.

Option 2

If you are already in a group video call, just click on Device settings on the right hand side of your group video call.

The following window appears:

In the bottom right corner you can see that the dark mode is activated. As soon as you switch to the light mode the colour of the window changes:

Now click on apply. 

Here is a short video about this feature.

Great! We hope, everything is clear so far! Enjoy your group video call 🙂

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