If you're having an online video meeting and want to create a webinar out of it, you can easily broadcast it to Facebook - you're only a few clicks away. After opening or joining an eyeson room, you should see an icon saying: Live Streaming in the bottom left corner under the button with three dots: 

Click on this icon, if you're brave enough...😉 In the subsequent dialog, you can choose between two streaming platforms we currently support: YouTube and Facebook. Since this is a tutorial on how to live stream to Facebook, click on the Start button next to Facebook logo.

Great. Now you'll see a smaller window appear where you'll have to log into your Facebook account: 

You'll see the following message, confirming that the login was successful.

Proceed by clicking on LET'S GO and continue with selecting a sharing option (Personal Timeline, Group, Business Page and so on)  and click on Next.

We're almost there 💪🏽 ! Only one more dialog to go. You're doing great so far! Now click on GO LIVE to start the video stream. 

In the final Facebook window you can specify a title, tags and you're able to specify who is allowed to see your live video stream (choose between Public, Friends, Friends except, Only me and More).

If you're happy with your settings clap your hands👏🏾  and click on GO LIVE. The popup will then close automatically.

Congratulations 🏁  you did it! Now you can go to your Facebook account and check if your live-video is running there.

P.S. You can simultaneously run a live-stream to YouTube also if you click on the Start button next to the Facebook logo.

If you want the live stream to be stopped you have to do it actively from eyeson by clicking on the Stop button. Just leaving the meeting does NOT stop livestreaming of the meeting! And of course:  once the meeting stops (all participants left, image shut down) livestreaming stops also.

We also made a short tutorial video for you.

Enjoy your live stream and have fun!

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