If you want to invite people to your eyeson Room link, you have basically two options as long as you have an eyeson account. Please, do not mix it with Quick Join link.

Meeting Invitation and Share Room Link

You can share your room permanently with other people. This means that if you have once shared a room with someone else, this person has always access to this room/call. The advantage is that this room link also allows to invite people before the meeting starts.

The invited person can open the room link and has two options:

  1. Join the meeting of this room without any login or registration. In this way you join "only" as a guest. Be aware, that guests can enter a call only when the host is currently in the call,  otherwise guests will not see a quick join.
  2. Log in if you have a host licence and join the room as a member of the room. In this case, you stay in a room permanently, meaning you can always access history/start calls by your own.

Be aware! In case a person started 14 days trial, he/she becomes a member of the room. After 14 days if the person did not purchase a host licence, he/she loses access to the room and becomes a guest.

How to Invite

Just click on your room > Invite People

Click the invite button - the following window appears: 

Click on the Copy icon to simply distribute the room invitation link. Now, you can send this link to your team members via your preferred communication tool.

Please note: if you share your room with someone else, she/he gets an invitation link which leads directly into the video call itself. Therefore, your invitee can not only access the room from this action on, he/she gets also invited to a video call with the link you've sent.

So when the link is opened by the invitee, there are two options - one to sign in and join the room (and get into the meeting after signing authenticated) or quickly join the running meeting without login or signup.

The owner of a room can remove room members any time or lock the room for joining by new members inside the room details and settings.

Desktop notifications: The host of the room gets always a desktop notification when one of his invitees enters the shared room. Just make sure that your desktop notifications are switched on. 😉 

Attention! If you see that the button join meeting now is not active (see below), that means that the host is NOT on a call right now. So, as soon as the host will make a call, the button will allow the access.

Enjoy watching our tutorial video:

Have fun and enjoy eyeson!

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