The Quick Join option is for inviting people during a video call.

Basically, you have the option to invite people to your video calls or webinars beforehand with the group link. However, with the Quick Join option you can invite people during your calls spontaneously.

Quick Join participants can be invited with a meeting link or a QR code.

You only have to click on Quick Join. This button is provided in the upper left corner of your meeting room.

Then you can decide between the meeting link or a QR code.

Then, a link is provided which you can share via your preferred communication tool. Important to know is that this link is only valid for this meeting. It expires 2 minutes after the video call has ended. Therefore, is is only valid for one meeting - keep this in mind ;)

Consider as well that such a link or QR code is not available before the meeting.

Have fun and use eyeson ;)

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