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These stackable bolt trays are easy to make and really useful to have around the shop. This is an excellent test project do make on some scrap if you have any around.

Gather materials

You’ll need a few things to make this project:

  • Plywood (24” x 24” will give you enough room for one tray with room to spare)

  • SketchUp model (provided below)

  • Fabber account to generate G Code

  • SketchUp 2017 or later (free or pro)

Download the SketchUp model right here.

Open it up in SketchUp. If you want to make any modifications to the tray you can do that here. If you’d like to make it as is proceed to the next step.

Open the model up in SketchUp. You’ll see three trays here. They’re all identical. If you’d like to make only one, just select one. (It doesn’t matter which one.

2020-12-07 at 9.46 AM.png

Send it to Fabber! With the tray(s) selected that you want to make find and click on the Fabber button. It will have an icon that looks like this.

After you upload your parts into Fabber pick your machine/material/bit combo and press “manufacture” or “make it”.

Hint: If you click on “workshop” you can set additional settings for your machine. Some settings to make sure are correct: Whether or not you’re zero’d to the table or the top of the material, and if you want automatic dog bones on or not. Since this design doesn’t have dog bones in it we advise having those turned on.

2020-12-07 at 9.56 AM.png

After you have your machine settings set correctly you can check that nesting looks good, you can make any last minute changes to your settings and then hit “download code” and you’ll get G Code that’s ready to run!

2020-12-07 at 9.56 AM.png

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